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What Could Go Wrong With DHCP?

One of the most common problems is rogue DHCP servers. This occurs when someone connects to a 2nd DHCP server, commonly found on a home router, to the network. This can be very difficult to troubleshoot since it requires tracking down the offending device.

With the OneTouch AT, you can use the Path Analysis feature to locate the switch and port where the router is connected to and shut it down. Without that information, you'd be crawling under desks, tracing cables to unmarked switches, and logging into the switch to determine the location of the device.

Verifying DHCP and DNS is just the beginning of the tests that can be performed with the OneTouch AT. With a click of the screen, tests that can be grouped under a test profile can be executed to check websites, file services, custom TCP ports, and throughput. By developing and using these test profiles to validate connections, you will be well on your way to maintaining a reliable and fast network.

Walk through the NETSCOUT virtual demo to learn how the OneTouch AT can help you validate DNS and DHCP.
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