NETSCOUT Gold Support: AirMagnet Survey Pro & Spectrum XT Bundle - AM/A1580-1YS

NETSCOUT Gold Support: AirMagnet Survey Pro & Spectrum XT Bundle - AM/A1580-1YS

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NETSCOUT Gold is a comprehensive support and maintenance program that offers expanded coverage for NETSCOUT'S products and accessories. This program is designed to make sure your products are always up to date and providing you with a premium level of support to minimize business downtime and ensuring the highest return on your investment. Gold Support can save you thousands over the life of your product*

Benefits of Gold Support

Software Upgrades
Software upgrades may be released multiple times throughout the year, and these free upgrades are only available to Gold members.

Priority, 24x7 Technical Support
Gold customers are given priority access to our world-class technical assistance centre via members-only phone numbers, 24x7.

Priority, Free Repair Service & Loaner Units
If your unit or original accessories become defective and need repair, you are covered under the Gold Support program. Plus, loaner units are available next day, for you to use free-of-charge on many products, if available.

Training Programs
As a Gold member, you have access to our growing library of specialised online training materials.

Members Only Promotions and Programs
Only by being a Gold member will you have exclusive access to special promotional programs and discounts.

AM/A1580-1YS 1 Year Gold Services for the NETSCOUT AirMagnet Survey Pro & Spectrum XT Bundle - AM/A1580


Once your purchase is complete, a member of the Network Testers team will be in touch to get the information required to setup your Gold Support - this will be within 24 hours. To make this process quicker, please ensure you have your product serial number to hand.

 *Please note, this cost is for Gold Support ONLY and does not include the tester. 

*This service is maintained by NETSCOUT and once purchased, your details will be passed onto NETSCOUT to complete setup.