Fluke Networks  QUICKCLEAN-1.25
Fluke Networks Cleaning Kits - QUICKCLEAN-1.25
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Fluke Networks Cleaning Kits - QUICKCLEAN-1.25

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Fluke Networks Quick Clean 1.25 offer the complete solution for precision end-face fibre optic cable cleaning. Choose from single pack or 5 pack. 

  • Contains everything needed to eliminate the #1 cause of fibre optic link failure: contamination
  • Supports all fibre connector types in data centre and campus environments
  • Quick Clean™ Cleaners—no training required!
  • Solvent pen precisely dispenses specially formulated fibre optic cleaning solution
  • Cards for convenient cleaning of fibre end-faces
  • Rugged carrying case stores and transports all fibre optic cleaning tools

Dirt, dust and other contaminants are the enemies of high-speed data transmission over optical fibre. Today's network applications require more bandwidth than ever, making loss budgets tighter than ever. Hence, it is critical that all optical connections are free of contaminants to avoid having application performance issue.

Fluke Networks’ Fibre Optic Cleaning Kits contain the best fibre cleaning tools to effectively remove the toughest contaminants in any fibre network. You can choose between the easy-to-use Quick Clean Cleaners, the convenient cleaning cube/card and the best optic solvent pen to clean both patch cords and fibre end faces inside ports.  All fibre optic cleaning materials are lint-free and enable an optimal wet and dry cleaning process.


For years isopropyl alcohol (IPA) was used to clean fibre end-faces, but now there are customized solvents that are far superior, such as Fluke Networks’ Fiber Optic Solvent Pen. Most importantly, this specialized solvent is more effective than IPA at dissolving all contaminants, especially non-ionic compounds such as buffer gel and pulling lube. You will get a better clean every time and with every contaminant.

Next, our solvent has a lower surface tension than IPA that allows it to envelop particles and debris, effectively lifting them from the surface of the end-face as they are carried away by a wipe or swab. Many smaller particles carry a charge that bonds them to the ferrule or an end-face. Unlike IPA, this solvent is oxygenated to neutralize this charge so that the charged particle can be removed and more particles are not attracted onto the end-face. When cleaning end-faces inside ports or equipment, the evaporation rate of solvents become significant as it is harder to guarantee removal of all solvent. Fluke Networks’ customized solvent has an evaporation rate tailored to stay long enough to work yet still disappear before mating. It evaporates much faster than IPA. IPA is highly hygroscopic and therefore draws water vapour that can then dry on the end-face and leave a residue, which sometimes appears as a “halo”. Using Fluke Networks’ solvent will avoid this problem.

Quick Clean 1.25mm

Contents:  Each unit cleans a minimum of 500 end faces
Dimensions: 0.69” x 0.69” x 7.05”
Material: Proprietary lint-free cleaning strand

Part Number Description
QUICKCLEAN-1.25 Quick Clean Cleaner 1.25 mm Fibre, LC and MU

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