netAlly LinkRunner G2 allyCare Product Support 1 Year - LR-G2-1YS

netAlly LinkRunner G2 allyCare Product Support 1 Year - LR-G2-1YS

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NetAlly’s comprehensive support and maintenance program called AllyCare offers expanded coverage for the LinkRunner G2 tester. 

These programs are designed to make sure your products are always up to date and provide you with a premium level of support to minimize business downtime and ensure the highest return on your investment.

Our support programs can save you thousands over the life of your product*.

Benefits of AllyCare Support Software Upgrades:  Make sure your products are always up-to-date with the latest software. My AirMagnet or Link-Live portal will provide you access to the latest product enhancements, improving efficiency and troubleshooting.
Software upgrades may be released multiple times throughout the year, and these free upgrades are only available to active AllyCare product support program members.
Priority Technical Support*:
Support program members are given priority access to our world-class technical assistance center (TAC) .  Our highly-trained technical experts are stationed around the globe, ready to answer your complex troubleshooting questions.**
Free Repair Service:
If your unit needs repair, you are fully covered under AllyCare support. There is no need to go searching for a repair facility to try and fix your product if it is covered under AllyCare support. Plus, shipping costs are included.***
Training Programs:
As a support program member, you have access to our growing library of specialized online training materials including web-based product training for many AirMagnet products and virtual training for AirCheck, LinkRunner and OneTouch products.
Members-Only Promotions and Programs:
As an AllyCare support program member you will have exclusive access to special promotional programs, including product discounts and other valuable offerings.

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