Owl Zoom Light source power meter kit  OWL- Z2 - D2 - SC

OWL ZOOM 2 850/1300 Dual Wavelength MM Light Source and Power Meter Kit - OWL-KIT-Z2-D2-SC

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OWL-KIT-Z2-D2-SC 850/1300 Dual Wavelength MM Light Source and Power Meter Kit


The ZOOM 2 is one of the world's most economical and precise fibre optic power meters delivering professional performance and a complete feature set for optical loss testing in both multimode and singlemode networks. 

The ZOOM 2 is calibrated at four commonly used industry standard wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310, and 1550), which makes it an ideal choice for both multimode and singlemode testing. 

Additionally, the ZOOM 2 is calibrated at 1490nm, making it an excellent option for measurement of FTTx PON networks. 

The ZOOM 2 can store reference values for all of its calibrated wavelengths, and displays optical power as an absolute value in dBm or relative to a user set "zero" reference in dB. It has an intuitive two-button interface, with one button controlling power and wavelength selection, while the other is used to toggle between dBm, dB, and uW, as well as setting the optical reference, or "zero". 

Other standard features include a 4-digit, 0.01dB resolution display, battery status indicator, and a 2.5mm Universal detector port that is compatible with FC, ST, SC, DIN, and any other 2.5 mm ferrule connectors! 

The following accessories are included with each ZOOM 2: rugged rubber boot,  NIST certificate of calibration, and operations manual on CD.