Sumitomo T-55 Fusion Splicer & Cleaver Kit -

Sumitomo T-55 Fusion Splicer & Cleaver Kit - SUM-T55-KIT

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This kit contains:

  • Sumitomo T-55 Fusion Splicer Kit (SUM-T55)
  • Li-Ion 4600mAh Battery (SUM-BU-11)
  • Sumitomo FC-6RS-C Bench Top Cleaver (SUM-FC-6R-S-C)

Sumitomo T55C Fusion Splicer:

The Sumitomo T-55 provides a splicing time of 7s and with a heat shrink time of 20sec this is one of the fastest splicers on the market.

  • The "Automatic Adaptive Core Alignment" can offer a superior solution than Active V-groove Alignment.
  • The T-55 can view and process the fibre core image therefore can consistently achieve lower splice loss.
  • This core processing ability allows the Sumitomo to give accurate loss estimation.


Sumitomo FC-6RS-C Bench Top Cleaver:

Uniquely, Sumitomo cleavers are available with a choice of a manually adjustable blade or an automatically rotating blade. The automatically rotating blade removes the need for frequent cleaver adjustment in the field, thus saving time and increasing productivity and can be used with a loose hand held fibre or with fibres in Sumitomo fibre holders.

The FC-6 is a traditional bench top cleaver, simple and easy to use and has a fibre off cut collector. 

  • Off cut collector
  • Automatically rotating blade
  • Single fibre