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Why use an MPO Inspection Camera?

Why use an MPO Inspection Camera?

There's been a steady increase in the demand for more efficient inspection tools, for large data centres with multiple fibre trunks and high speeds but equally for fibre to Antenna  for 5G applications which will need high bandwidth fibre. So the need for MPO's is everywhere. 

Contamination is the number one cause of fibre failure, so inspection is essential. With an MPO even a single speck of dust can take down a trunk carrying hundreds of gigabits per second, which could have an effect on possibly 100's or 100's of users. 

MPO’s have a lot of surface area, meaning a lot of places for those specks of dirt or other contaminants to hang out.  And don't forget, when you unplug a connector and replug it those specks can move. 

So a fast, powerful inspection tool is becoming even more essential. 

Earlier this year, in answer to this, the FI-3000 FiberInspector™ Pro MPO Inspection Camera  was launched by Fluke Networks


The FI-3000 has multiple cameras, able to create multiple images which are stitched together in real time to create a single view.  And because the process is so fast and seamless,  it looks just like a single camera. A new design makes it easy to hold and compact, so it's good to fit in tight spaces.

Smart stuff!






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