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netAlly LinkSprinter Testers

The LinkSprinter network tester provides network connectivity troubleshooting and identifies error problem domain in less than 10 seconds. Automated reporting to the included Link-Live Cloud Service Essentials ensures network connectivity status and path information is documented for every link.

Which product is right for you? The LinkSprinter 200 allows detailed troubleshooting of network problems using your phone or tablet as a user interface. Looking for simple proof the network is up? Choose the LinkSprinter 100.


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    Linksprinter 300 | LSPRNTR | Network Testers

    netAlly LinkSprinter 300 by netAlly

    Original price £464.00 GBP - Original price £464.00 GBP
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    £464.00 GBP
    £464.00 GBP - £464.00 GBP
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    LinkSprinter 300 LinkSprinter 300, the pocket network tester from netAlly provides simple,10-second network connectivity tests on copper Ethernet l...

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