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netAlly AirCheck™ G3 Pro | Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Analyzer

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  • Touchscreen Display
  • Cloud Based Results Management
  • Network Connection Tests
  • Channel Utilization and Interference
  • Wired Ethernet Tests
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AirCheck G3 Pro - Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Analyzer

Intuitive user interface provides actionable intelligence, speeding and simplifying wireless security audits, network deployment, troubleshooting and validation.

AirCheck G3 Pro is the most cost-effective hardware-enabled site survey solution for Wi-Fi 6/6E networks. It provides network professionals of any skill level with complete and accurate information to survey and validate Wi-Fi deployments and changes, resolve wireless connectivity and performance problems quickly, speed up closure of trouble tickets, and ensure your Wi-Fi network meets end users’ needs.

With powerful tools suited for wireless engineers, but ease of use for technicians and remote “smart hands” AirCheck G3 Pro makes your entire team more productive.

Includes: ACHCK G3, AC charger, a soft carry case, USB cable and Quick Start guide.

Got any questions? Call 01403 756588 during office hours to speak to a team member about the netAlly AirCheck G3 Pro wireless tester.


Test, verify, and troubleshoot technology upgrades, Wi-Fi 6/6E networks with advanced testing apps and purpose-built hardware

Validate Wi-Fi 6/6E network performance for critical services and key end devices

• Quickly find the physical location of Wi-Fi access points and clients on the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands

• Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum analysis with the optional NXT-1000 Portable Spectrum Analyzer adapter

• Faster and easier Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE site surveys with AirMapper™ Site Survey

• Enables remote engineers to troubleshoot and collaborate with on-site technicians to solve tough problems at remote sites, saving time and cost of travel

• Seamlessly consolidate, analyze, manage field test data, and integrate with network management systems via Link-Live™ collaboration, reporting, and analysis platform

• Automatically discover and instantly generate a topology map of your wired and Wi-Fi networks using Link-Live

Models & Accessories

Wi-Fi 6/6E regulatory compliance implementation of the 6GHz spectrum varies by country.
AirCheck G3 models are available in three versions: Full Tri-Band (capability across the entire 6GHz band), Partial Tri-Band (capability for only certain channels in the 6GHz band as determined by 802.11d regulatory domain information), and Dual Band Only (for countries where operation in the 6GHz band is not allowed.) Be sure to select the model that is certified for use in your specific country. Please contact Network Testers for more information.

The models shown on the table below are for the “Full Tri-Band” version. Replace “AIRCHECK-G3-PRO” with the following for the other model types:
AIRCHECK-G3E-PRO Partial Tri-Band
AIRCHECK-G3C-PRO Dual Band Only (2.4/5GHz)

Inclusion of AllyCare Support:
All new AIRCHECK-G3-PRO mainframes are sold with the first year (1 year) of AllyCare support included. Additional year(s) of support may be added. Product registration and activation is required within 30 days of first power-on.

Model Number / Name Description
AIRCHECK-G3-PRO Includes: AIRCHECK-G3-PRO mainframe with 1 year of   AllyCare support (AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-1YS), shoulder sling bag, AC charger, Quick   Start Guide.
AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-KT Includes: AIRCHECK-G3-PRO mainframe with 1 year of   AllyCare support (AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-1YS), shoulder sling bag, AC charger, Quick   Start Guide, external directional antenna, holster, and NXT-1000 spectrum   analyzer.
AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-TKT Includes: AIRCHECK-G3-PRO mainframe with 1 year of   AllyCare support (AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-1YS), shoulder sling bag, AC charger, Quick   Start Guide, external directional antenna, holster, NXT-1000 spectrum   analyzer, and Test Accessory
EXT-ANT-TRIBAND 2.4/5/6GHz directional antenna for use with AirCheck G3   and EtherScope nXG
NXT-1000 NXT-1000 Portable Spectrum Analyzer
G3-PWRADAPTER AC charger replacement/spare for AIRCHECK-G3-PRO   mainframe with country power cords
HOLSTER-G3 Field use carrying holster makes troubleshooting on the   go easier. Openings allow access to all applicable buttons and interfaces.
AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-1YS 1 year AllyCare support for   all AIRCHECK G3 PRO models, including “E” (Partial Tri-Band) and “C” (Dual   Band only) SKU’S: AIRCHECK-G3-PRO, AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-KT, AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-TKT.
(One   year support is included with AIRCHECK G3. This is for additional 1 year support)
AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-3YS 3 years of AllyCare support for all AIRCHECK G3 PRO   models, including “E” (Partial Tri-Band) and “C” (Dual Band only) SKU’S:   AIRCHECK-G3-PRO, AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-KT, AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-TKT



Dimensions 4.98 in x 7.68   in x 1.65 in (102 mm x 196 mm x 42 mm)
Weight 0.48Kg
Battery Rechargeable   lithium-ion battery pack (3.63 V, 9.75 A, 35.39 Wh)
Battery Life Typical operating life is 10 hours (Battery life from full charge varies depending on
the feature being used);  Typical charge time is 3-4 hours
Display 5.0-inch   color LCD with capacitive touchscreen (720 x 1280 pixels)
Host Interface 2   USB Type-A Ports
USB Type-C Power and On-the-Go Port
RP-SMA External Antenna Port
Memory Approximately   8 GB available for storing test results and user applications
Charging USB   Type-C 45-W adapter: AC Input Power 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz; DC Output Power 15V   (3A)
AirCheck G3 has two internal   Wi-Fi Radios: Testing – 2x2   Tri-band 802.11ax wireless radio (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax compliant)
Management – 1x1 Dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 + Bluetooth 5.0 and
BLE wireless radio (IEEE 802.11a/b/ g/n/ac compliant)
Specification Compliance IEEE   802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax
Wi-Fi Connectivity 802.11a,   802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax
Operating frequencies Frequencies   of channels received and transmitted:
NOTE: These are the center frequencies of the channels
that the AirCheck G2 tester supports.

2.4 GHz band:   2.412 to 2.484 GHz (channel 1 to channel 14)*

5 GHz band: 5.170 to 5.320 GHz, 5.500 to 5.700 GHz, 5.745 to 5.825 GHz (channel 36 to channel 165)*

6 GHz band:   5.925 to 7.125 GHz (channel 1 to channel 233)*

(*) Where   allowed by country regulations.

NOTE: The tester transmits only on the frequencies allowed in the country where it is operating.

Internal Wi-Fi Antennas Minimum gain 2.0 dBi peak in the 2.4 GHz band, 1.5 dBi peak in the 5 GHz band, and
2.7 dBi peak in the 6 GHz band.
External Directional Antenna

Antenna,   frequency range 2.4 to 2.5 GHz, 4.9 to 5.9 GHz. and 6.0 to 7.1 GHz

Minimum gain 6.4 dBi peak in the 2.4 GHz band, 8.9 dBi peak in the 5 GHz band, and 8.6 dBi peak in the 6 GHz band

Part Number Description
AIRCHECK-G3-PRO Contains: AIRCHECK-G3-PRO mainframe with 1 year of AllyCare support (AIRCHECK-G3-PRO-1YS), shoulder sling bag, AC charger, Quick Start Guide

NETALLY AirCheck G3 Data Sheet