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MicroScanner Cable Verifier from Fluke Networks - MS-POE

MicroScanner PoE | Cable Verifier | MS-POE

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MicroScanner PoE 

MS - POE by Fluke Networks contains: MicroScanner Cable Verifier and carrying case

Benefits of the Microscanner PoE cable verifier: 

  • Takes results from what was four different test modes and displaying them all at once – graphical wiremap, pair lengths, distance to fault, cable ID, and far end device.
  • Supports virtually any type of low-voltage cable testing; no need for awkward adapters.
  • Reduced test time and technician error.
  • Quickly determines if a problem is caused by a bad or unconnected cable, insufficient power, or a Powered Device (PD).
  • Information for the Network Engineer to investigate potential switch configuration or malfunctions.
  • PoE  Switch Verification – Determine if a switch port can provide enough power by reporting PoE class (0-8).
  • Powered Pairs – Graphically identifies powered pairs. Including Dual Signature where the switch port delivers power on 2 or 4 pairs (802.3bt or PoE ++)
  • PoE Injector verification - Display injector voltage level
  • Active Switch Detection - Determine if a cable is connected to a switch port and port speed up to 10G
  • Cable Testing – Identify any shorted, open or crossed wires at both ends, length of each pair, and send tones to find cables.


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