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Rule Out Bad Cable Connections

Slow networks can be caused by the application, the server or the network. A slow network problem can be caused anywhere between the application or service server and the user. However, there are a number of issues at the physical layer and during the connectivity process that can cause the network to appear to run slow.

With the LinkRunner AT, you can use the cable feature to verify a good cable connection.

You can also do a wire map test with the Wireview map adapters to check for:

  • Shorts between any two or more conductors 
  • Reversed pairs 
  • Transposed or crossed pairs
  • Split pairs 
  • Distance to open on shield 
  • Any other miss-wiring

These issues are likely to be the most common problems since the patch cords at either end of a link can be damaged or easily swapped to a bad patch cord without realising something is wrong.

Walk through the virtual demo today to learn more about the LinkRunner AT Network Tester and how it can help you quickly rule out bad cable connections as a source of network trouble.

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